Sponsored by a Uversa Corps of Superuniverse Personalities acting by authority of the Orvonton Ancients of Days.




  1. The Universal Father Divine Counselor 21
  2. The Nature of God Divine Counselor 33
  3. The Attributes of God Divine Counselor 44
  4. God's Relation to the Universe Divine Counselor 54
  5. God's Relation to the Individual Divine Counselor 62
  6. The Eternal Son Divine Counselor 73
  7. Relation of the Eternal Son to the Universe Divine Counselor 81
  8. The Infinite Spirit Divine Counselor 90
  9. Relation of the Infinite Spirit to the Universe Divine Counselor 98
10. The Paradise Trinity Universal Censor 108
11. The Eternal Isle of Paradise Perfector of Wisdom 118
12. The Universe of Universes  (Part.7 about God and The Brotherhood of Man) Perfector of Wisdom 128
13. The Sacred Spheres of Paradise Perfector of Wisdom 143
14. The Central and Divine Universe Perfector of Wisdom 152
15. The Seven Superuniverses Universal Censor 164
16. The Seven Master Spirits Universal Censor 184
17. The Seven Supreme Spirit Groups Divine Counselor 197
18. The Supreme Trinity Personalities Divine Counselor 207
19. The Co-ordinate Trinity-Origin Beings Divine Counselor 214
20. The Paradise Sons of God Perfector of Wisdom 223
21. The Paradise Creator Sons Perfector of Wisdom 234
22. The Trinitized Sons of God Mighty Messenger 243
23. The Solitary Messengers Divine Counselor 256
24. Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit Divine Counselor 264
25. The Messenger Hosts of Space One High in Authority 273
26. Ministering Spirits of the Central Universe Perfector of Wisdom 285
27. Ministry of the Primary Supernaphim Perfector of Wisdom 298
28. Ministering Spirits of the Super-universes Mighty Messenger 306
29. The Universal Power Directors Universal Censor 319
30..Personalities of the Grand Universe Mighty Messenger 330
31. The Corps of the Finality Divine Counselor and
One Without Name and







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